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Selena Gomez was spotted out sucking face with… (drum roll please!) The Weeknd! Her and Abel had a romantic night out in Santa Monica! This has to follow up with some good drama since Selena and Gigi Hadid are gal pals. Runway model Gigi’s sister Bella, who was Abel’s most recent ex might not be so friendly with her sisters’ friend after she gets wind of this! She might have already heard the news since reports say Bella has unfollowed Selena on all social media ! YIKES. 




So, what do you think? Is Selena just a rebound or is this a solid match? 



Now aside from the drama - Can we please take a look at Selena's outfit? She is the queen of effortless street wear and we have the look right here. If your #TEAMSELENA and want her look, you can easily grab her fit right here below. *Clickonpics*





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